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Adam enjoys a rambling conversation with his old friend, Fran Healy of Travis about onanism, creativity and the mysterious process of songwriting, why comedians and musicians like hanging out with each other, why Adam is keen on name dropping and there's some emotional resolution after a drunken row that got out of hand 15 years ago… Recorded on the 8th October 2020 at The Pool recording studio, London. Thanks to Séamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support and to Matt Lamont for conversation editing.  Podcast artwork by Helen Green RELATED LINKS DR BUCKLES' TRAVIS FAVOURITES (SPOTIFY PLAYLIST) TRAVIS WEBSITE ALMOST FASHIONABLE (A FILM ABOUT TRAVIS, 2018) (SKY WEBSITE) PORTRAITS FOR NHS HEROES (THOMAS CROFT WEBSITE) COREGASM - EXERCISE INDUCED ORGASM IN WOMEN (2018, INDEPENDENT) And in ICYM, some Trump related fun to mark the election. TRUMP SCOOBY DO DEEP FAKE VIDEO (2020, YOUTUBE) DONALD TRUMP SAYS CHINA (2015, YOUTUBE) DAVE CHAPPELLE SNL MONOLGUE (2020, YOUTUBE)  

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