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Adam talks with British musician Paul McCartney about, among other things, his favourite snacks and British TV panel shows, what Bob Dylan is really like, whether the modern world is scarier than the 60s, how he and John Lennon really got on after the Beatles broke up, and why he no longer picks up hitch hikers. Recorded remotely on November 18th, 2020. Thanks to Séamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support and to Matt Lamont for conversation editing.  Podcast artwork by Helen Green McCARTNEY MUSIC MONTAGE Hey Jude - The Beatles (single, 1968) I Don't Know - Paul McCartney (Egypt Station, 2018) Yesterday - The Beatles (Help!, 1965) Live and Let Die - Wings (single, 1973) Waterfalls - Paul McCartney (McCartney II, 1980) Helter Skelter - The Beatles (The Beatles, aka The White Album, 1968) Fine Line - Paul McCartney (Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, 2005) Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney (McCartney I, 1970) Paperback Writer - The Beatles (single, 1966) Getting Better - The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967) Blackbird - The Beatles (The Beatles, aka The White Album, 1968) Carry That Weight - The Beatles (Abbey Road, 1969) PAUL LINKS DR BUCKLES' McCARTNEY FAVOURITES (SPOTIFY PLAYLIST) TWO OF US (Directed by Michael Lyndsay Hogg, 2000, YOUTUBE) Dramatisation of Paul McCartney visiting John Lennon at his NY apartment in 1976. PAUL McCARTNEY ON THE SODAJERKER PODCAST (2018) PAUL McCARTNEY IN CASUAL CONVERSATION WITH JARVIS COCKER AT LIPA (2018. YOUTUBE) PAUL McCARTNEY 20 BEST SONGS FOR THE BEATLES (FAROUT MAGAZINE) THE BEATLES - HEY BULLDOG (1969, YOUTUBE) I think this might be my favourite Beatles video. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR MEMORIES (2008 DOCUMENTARY) (YOUTUBE) Documentary featuring anecdotes and reminiscences from some of the people who took part in the Magical Mystery Tour film. WHOOPI GOLDBERG RECALLS GOING TO SHEA STADIUM (FROM 'EIGHT DAYS A WEEK' DOC) (2016, YOUTUBE) A lovely story from Ron Howard's very good Beatles doc. ADAM LINKS ADAM BUXTON'S RAMBLE BOOK (HARDBACK) (WATERSTONES) ADAM BUXTON'S RAMBLE BOOK (AUDIOBOOK) (2020, AUDIBLE)  

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