Wanna Be / #116 Lee Litumbe, Jendella Benson and Ijeoma Oluo on Changing Your Mindset

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Episode notes

Welcome back to Wanna Be- the podcast takes you from where you are now to where you wanna be in 30 minutes or less.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here! I’ Imriel Morgan Founder of Content is Queen a podcast agency and club for ambitious podcasters with phenomenal taste, high expectations and a desire to sound as good as I do now.

Wanna Be’s focus is to help you take consistent action to build a successful life and career in the creative and entertainment industry.

In this episode, we’re bringing you 3 Phenomenal human beings who I respect and adore and today they’ll help you:

Understand why you need to prioritise rest
Feel more at peace with yourself
Break out of your obsessive thinking

Buckle up as it’ll go faster than you think!

I want to introduce you to Lee Litumbe who is an incredible content creator, travel photographer and blogger. Lee celebrates Africa through her content and travel photography and effortlessly brings out the inescapable natural beauty of the continent. You’ll see for yourself.
The focus of this interview is to look within and challenge our thoughts and decisions. To take control of our lives and move forward with intention and purpose. Lee is warm, vulnerable and endearing. You’re definitely in safe hands here. Let’s go.

I was a fan of Lee’s before and I’m a stan now! If you’d like to travel with ease and style or better still you want to escape your current reality I highly recommend following Lee on Instagram @SpiritedPursuit everything she posts is stunning. She also has a fantastic number of content creator resources on her website spiritedpursuit.com

Before we wrap up the show, I want to bring back one of my favourite women, the bestselling author and writer Ijeoma Oluo who shares the 7 magic words that help her break obsessive thought cycles and she also shares her thoughts on how we can create a more just world. Over to you Ijeoma...

Don’t mind me, we’ll come back to Lee’s in credible story in a few minutes. Before that I want to introduce you to someone I know and admire online who’d like to share their areas of improvement, inspiration and motivation with you. I’ll let her introduce herself...

What a great way to reframe mentorship! For more wisdom and gems like this follow Jendella and Black Ballad on Twitter and Instagram @Jendella and @BlackBallad. Where you’ll also find details on where to pre-order her book Hope and Glory. Now back to our dazzling guest, Lee.

That’s a wrap, thank you so much for listening to the end. I hope this half an hour has been a calming and joyful part of your day.

I’d like to encourage you to think about one person who needs a little joy and calm and share this episode with them right now! If you want extended interviews, screenshot and share this episode to your Instagram stories and tag @contentisqueenhq.

Until next time…. Byeeee

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