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Episode #156: Breathing Without Worry (Costarring Erik Fromme, EG aka Catcher Of Shows, Errick Greenlee, George Gerbo, Mike Asti & Marcus Robinson)

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Episode notes

Two nights removed from the Show of Shows, THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST proudly presents the biggest number of guests on one episode thanks to the quarantine! I'm joined by Erik Fromme (x2), EG aka Catcher of Shows (x3), Errick Greenlee (x5), George Gerbo (x5), Mike Asti (x3) and my semi-regular co-host Marc Rob towards the end as we recap WrestleMania 36! WrestleMania Performance Center! WrestleMania No Fans Allowed! We cover all the high points for sure, talk some lows, and then give out letter grades and MVPs. I'll have to tell you; this episode is better enjoyed with a crowd though... at least a virtual one. This episode was brought to you by more OJ, Iron Man 3, and Freedom Writers.

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