Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families / #514 Speech & Language Development With Caitlin O'Meara

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Episode notes

Speech & language milestones & what to do if your child isn't quite reaching them

Topics discussed in today's podcast:

  • How are speech and language different?
  • Speech & language milestones
  • What can parents do to accelerate their child's speech?
  • What shouldn't parents do?
  • Overgeneralisation
  • Model & repetition
  • When should a parent seek help from a speech pathologist?
  • What are the warning signs?
  • Skill development
  • Helpful tips
  1. Follow your child's lead
  2. Don't ask lots and lots of questions - provide comments & narrate
  3. 4 comments to every 1 question
  4. Add onto their used words
  5. Use a variety of words
  6. Minimise screen time
  7. Reading - slow it down & let them lead
  • We have a health care provider shortage

Caitlin O'Meara, speech pathologist & WA State Manager at Allied Health Company Physio Inq

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