Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families / #524 Baby & Toddler Nutrition With Dr Anthea Rhodes

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Episode notes

"Ready-made baby and toddler foods are a common choice for Australian families, as one in three young children eat these foods at least once a week, and one in five eat them most days. However, many parents are unaware these foods are often not healthy, and the majority falsely believe they are regulated by the government to ensure they provide good nutrition for children."

Topics discussed in today's podcast:

  • The latest RCH National Child Health Poll 'Ready-made baby foods: Do parents know the facts?
  • How common is ready-made baby foods in Australian homes?
  • Do parents know what's in ready-made food?
  • Regulations in Australia for toddler food products
  • How to choose the better products
  • The most damaging product added into these foods
  • Check the ingredients list & nutritional panel

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