Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers / Ep. #232: Getting Back Into Your Body, Deconstructing Catholicism & Living Uncaged with Phuong-Thao Nguyen

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Episode notes

Phuong-Thao (she/her) is a Somatic Practitioner, ReBloom Coach and Trauma Educator supporting QTBIWOC & 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in navigating life transitions and moving from a place of survival to thriving & living life on their own terms from a place of deep self trust and connection to their bodies, voices, and aliveness so they can live an uncaged life.

In this episode, Eryn and Phung-Tao discuss:

  • Phuong-Thao’s healing journey
  • Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn trauma responses
  • Shame over our body’s trauma responses
  • What fills the gap when we don’t understand our lizard brain responses
  • Seeking safety after trauma
  • Telling the truth as an act of love
  • Phuong-Thao’s deconstruction journey
  • Her journey with self-trust after Catholicism
  • How Catholicism reinforced that she should disconnect from herself and not trust herself
  • Feeling like too much & feeling like you’re bad
  • The pedestal of “goodness”
  • Shame from church
  • Moving towards sexual liberation and including yourself in the pleasure equation
  • The power of choice
  • How to start connecting with your body

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