Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers / Ep. #227: Folk Magic, Poetry & Plants with Liz Migliorelli

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Episode notes

Liz Migliorelli belongs to a lineage of spinsters, hedge witches, bee maidens, apple romancers and herb cunning-folk. She is a herbalist, animist and educator. Liz weaves together and facilitates classes on plant medicine, storytelling, ancestral remembrance, earth rhythms, folk magic, hearth culture, poetry and social justice movements. 

In this episode, Eryn and Liz talk about:

  • Her journey with plants and magic
  • Folk magic as nourishment for life
  • Ancestral folk magic practices she has woven into her life
  • Healing for our ancestry through the way we live
  • Dream magic & incubating dreams
  • Why she loves poetry & what poetry means to her
  • Turning back to poetry when things fell apart
  • Flower essences as poems
  • A poem that has been resonating with Liz lately
  • Fires of spring versus fires of summer, the different ways elements express in different seasons
  • Noticing as an ancestral practice
  • Leaning into the subtle magic of seasonality

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