Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers / Ep. #228: Queer Journey & Shadow Work with Sarah of Shadow Femme

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Episode notes

Sarah (she/her) of Shadow Femme is a practitioner who blends together shadow work, astrology, and human design to help people own their full, authentic selves. She's a biracial queer femme who specifically loves working with cycle breakers and people who are navigating liminal identities. 

In this episode, Sarah and Eryn talk about:

  • Sarah’s journey with shadow work and how she’s gotten to this moment in her life
  • What is shadow work?
  • Her journey with queerness & sexuality & gender & shadow work
  • I share about my journey with queerness too & what that has to do with shadow work and cutting off parts of self
  • Seeking cis male approval and validation
  • How she blends shadow work, astrology and human design to work with them all
  • The process of integrating shadow parts / rejected parts
  • The purpose of our different parts
  • Imposter syndrome when it comes to mystical and intuitive practices
  • I also read a poem about coming out!

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