Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers / Ep. #230: Being in Your Wholeness, Trauma Healing & Creating Spaciousness with Stevie Leigh

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Episode notes

Stevie Leigh (they/she) is a somatic practitioner, a writer, mystic, and a caretaker in many forms. In service to body autonomy and literacy, they help people find their way back to themselves. 

In this episode, Eryn and Stevie talk about:

  • Stevie’s healing journey and how they came into somatic work
  • Critical inner voices and parts of ourselves
  • Slowing down & trauma
  • Integrating head and body for trauma healing
  • You are fine just how you are!
  • Growing around our trauma, not getting rid of it
  • What is somatics?
  • Working with somatics and spirituality for trauma healing
  • Stevie’s journey with queerness
  • What is the self? What are our selves?
  • Accessing more expansiveness and curiosity and imagination
  • Hangups around wellness world meets capitalism
  • The trauma of capitalism
  • The empress archetype & pleasure
  • Growing our awareness of pleasure

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