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CIA in Vietnam with Frank Snepp
On today’s podcast we are joined by Frank Snepp.
Frank served with the CIA during the Vietnam war. He was the chief analyst of North Vietnamese strategy. He was there at the fall of Saigon and today we discuss his experiences during the Vietnam war and the intelligence failures that contributed to the US and South Vietnamese loss of the war.
Frank published the book “Decent Interval” as an after-action report about the intelligence failures he witnessed in Vietnam. He hoped the book would galvanise the CIA into mounting rescue efforts for the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese allies left behind.
Sadly nothing happened and Frank was instead sued by the US government for publishing his book.
After the CIA Frank went on to become an investigative journalist and he won a Peabody Award for his work.
You can find out more about Frank and his books “Decent Interval” and “Irreparable Harm” from Frank’s website:
Frank’s journalism and other writings can be viewed on his blog:
This is our longest interviews and possibly one of the most fascinating.
So pour yourself your favourite drink, sit back and join me on a trip back in time to 1960s Vietnam.
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