Eat Sleep Work Repeat / Community 1: "HR has fallen"

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Episode notes

Sign up for the Eat Sleep Work Repeat newsletter here. New podcast today - the first of four podcasts about what’s next with work - specifically how can we make work feel like a community again, especially when you’re hunkered down under the duvet trying to survive the November chill. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be chatting to some incredible guests. Today I kick off with Sarah Drinkwater who is a supreme community builder and now works for the Atomico fund. Some links to what we discuss! I mention that Gary runs Wonder - this is their website Follow Sarah on Twitter Sarah's Medium post She mentions Jason Fried's book Rework (my own book The Interintellect Q Anon - great piece on how one woman felt enveloped by the community (before she twigged it was all nonsense) Q Anon - outstanding Reply All when they pretty much work out which crackpot is behind it. Created by a crackpot, weaponised by the GRU. The Sunrise Movement - love these kids Image by Shane Rounce on Unsplash  

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