Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill / X-Lapsed Triple-Dip, Episode 12 - Giant-Size X-Men by Jonathan Hickman

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Episode notes

The weekend kinda got away from me, and so - in lieu of an all-new episode, we're indulging in another compilation piece.  And, I mean, let's face it -- it's doubtful anybody's gonna bother listening even if it WAS new... so, whattayagonnado?

Today we're looking at the wildly disjointed... and rather unnecessary run of Giant-Size specials the Head of X was putting out during the Dawn of X era.  Storm's sick... like really, really sick... so sick that it's never mentioned in ANY other books she appears in!  Don't worry though, she gets better.

Plus: We've got not one, but TWO iterations of "Baby's First Grant Morrison Comic" in a callback to the "Silence!  Psychic Rescue in Progress" Nuff Said! issue of New X-Men and a dip into Fantomex's The World.

Also: Magneto makes a deal with Namor to procure a certain island that will be the site of a certain Gala.  Oh, you didn't know there was a Gala coming up?



(00:00:00) Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1: "Into the Storm" (01:02:19) Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1: "Haunted Mansion" (01:53:33) Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1 (02:29:46) Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex #1: "The World" (03:12:46) Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1: "Disintegration"



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