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#TSP128 - Lennie James (Part 1)

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Episode notes

How the devil are ya? Been a while hasn't it. Well we're back from our slightly longer than anticipated summer break with an absolute pearler of an episode with the fantastic Lennie James. You might know Lennie from his work on Line Of Duty, his own creation Save Me, Snatch and The Walking Dead amongst many, many other things. Lennie and Craig talk coping strategies, foster families, London, drama school, Austin, and the identity that sport can bring you. It's a fantastic way to come back to the podcasting world (sorry it's been so long) and we're sure you'll absolutely adore listening. This is episode 128 with Lennie James. We'll be back in the morning with part 2. Get in touch... Facebook- search 'Two Shot Podcast' Twitter- @twoshotpod Instagram- @twoshotpod If you've enjoyed listening then please click through to to make a donation to the running costs of the show. You'll get bonus pictures, video and audio in return. Nice one.  

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