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#TSP144 - Callum Scott Howells

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What's happening TSP listener mates? Hope you're all in fine fettle. This week's Two Shot Podcast comes to you all the way from Tonyrefail in the Welsh Valleys and our guest is the totally fabulous Callum Scott Howells.

If you've not seen Russell T Davis's latest televisual masterwork It's A Sin, you need to acquaint yourselves expeditiously. It's the emotional story of a group of friends living amongst the hedonism and anguish of London's gay community during the 80's. Callum plays a callow young man having his eyes opened to the ways of the world and his performance is absolutely masterful. In this episode, he and Craig talk through what lead him to playing this breakthrough role via musical theatre, daily kebabs, messages from Elton John, and his own move to the big city.

Callum is a passionate mix between a ball of energy and ray of sunshine and we can't thank him enough for coming on as a guest. This ep will deffo brighten up your day!

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