Homo Sapiens / 103: Melanie C | Part 1

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Episode notes

Sometimes a chat is just a proper laugh and this is one of them. This week, none other than Melanie C (!!) zoomed in with us to talk about how Drag Queens changed her life, Secret Spice Girls meet ups, a hiiiiiilarious tale involving Geri and a filofax, plus are Chris and Alan going to be Melanie’s new manager? It’s a goodie this one. Can’t wait for you to hear it. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. 📍H O M O S A P I E N S P O D C A S T is Hosted By: Alan Cumming and Chris Sweeney  📍NEW EPISODE Every Thursday 📍Come play with us on socials Facebook & Instagram @Homosapiens 📍Email us: [email protected] 📍Podcast Host: Acast  

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