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Dr Amit Patel On Losing His Sight, Rebuilding His Life & Becoming A Dad

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Waking up one morning and discovering you’ve lost your sight is something that many of us just couldn’t even imagine, but to trauma doctor Amit Patel, it was his reality and spelled the end of his medical career. Back in 2013, newly married Amit lost his sight due to a rare eye condition, keratoconus. After hitting rock bottom and being unable to leave the house for three months, Amit started to rebuild his life, with the help of his wife Seema and his guide dog, Kika. Amit talks to me about the incredible bond he developed with Kika, a bond which helped him gain confidence and be able to function day to day. We also talk about Amit and Seema deciding to start a family and how fatherhood has pushed him to be even more independent – taking his children out, with Kika’s help, on his own and even flying solo to New York with his three-year-old son. You can follow Amit on Twitter (and you can follow Kika too) and buy his book Kika & Me. If you enjoyed this episode then please leave a rating or review - and you can subscribe to ensure you don’t miss future episodes. Thank you! Not Another Mummy Podcast is brought to you by me, journalist and blogger Alison Perry. I'm a mum of three and I love interviewing people about parenthood on the podcast. You can check out my other episodes and you can come chat to me on Instagram: @iamalisonperry or on Twitter: @iamalisonperry. You can pre-order my book OMG It's Twins (out March 2021) now. Music: Epidemic Sound Artwork: Eleanor Bowmer  

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