Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd / 122. SCHOOL OF ROCKING THE BOAT: training the activists of tomorrow

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Episode notes

Hello! Ed got into a conversion with young campaigners on the tube and was so inspired that it’s sparked a whole episode. Turns out they were involved in Advocacy Academy, a training scheme for young activists in South London. We talk to Advocacy Academy graduates, Rochelle Meaden and Sima Mangal, plus founder Amelia Viney about how it works and the campaigns it’s motivated. Then we turn to Olivia Clarke and Katie Cosgrave at Reclaim, who do amazing work boosting the voices of working class young people in Greater Manchester.  Subscribe to the new Cheerful Book Club feed! Get tickets for our Kings Place show on Thursday 12th March  For information regarding your data privacy, visit