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E169: VP Of Meta: Running A Trillion Dollar Business With An Incurable Illness: Nicola Mendelsohn

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Nicola Mendelsohn is Meta’s (formerly Facebook) global head of advertising and routinely tops lists “most powerful person in UK tech. She’s juggled her high flying career with having a rare type of blood cancer since 2016.

That cancer is just one of the things that has held Nicola back, but, like her struggle against racial prejudice in her early years, she hasn’t let it define her. No one is ever going to get to define Nicola except her.

In this candid chat about how she’s seen her role and her company change as it’s come under increasing criticism in the last few years, Nicola holds nothing back on her critics, her fears, her highs, her lows, and what she still wants herself and the company to achieve.


  • What made you the person you are today?
  • What did you learn from working in the marketing industry?
  • Joining Facebook & leading the EMEA market
  • Your journey with cancer
  • How did it impact your work & life?
  • Mark Zuckerberg & company culture
  • From Facebook to Meta & what is the Metaverse
  • The good and the bad of the digital world
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s real personality
  • Protecting young children online
  • Personalised advertising and businesses
  • Your core strengths and importance of being yourself
  • Growth moments & speaking up for what you want
  • New book & encouraging females to set up business
  • Work-life balance
  • Our last guest’s question

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