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E121: Matt Hancock: Opens Up About His Affair, Mistakes & The Pandemic

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Episode notes

Matthew Hancock is the MP for West Suffolk, the former Secretary of State for Health, and was responsible for leading the country through the COVID-19 pandemic until his time as Health Secretary was brought controversially to an end in summer 2021. 

For the first time, Matt speaks candidly on what it was like to lead a country through a once-in-a-century pandemic, and the circumstances surrounding his resignation. When I started this podcast, I wanted to bring you conversations that allow us to see behind the scenes, to give the context and this conversation is no different. You do not have to agree with Matt but I think after this episode today we will have the answers we’ve all been waiting for. 

This is not your typical political interview. This is a conversation that definitely needed to happen.


  • Why did you want to have this conversation here?
  • Your early years
  • Diversity in politics 
  • Why did you get into politics and why would you want to?
  • How can you be the minister for all these different areas?
  • You running for Prime Minister 
  • When covid hit 
  • What was your life like at that time?
  • If you’d known a pandemic would roll in would you have taken the health secretary job?
  • The care home mistake 
  • Isn’t our high number of deaths an indicator that wrong decisions were made?
  • The first vaccine - showing your emotions
  • The CCTV footage 
  • The parties at number 10 
  • Dominic Cummings
  • Your Dyslexia campaign 
  • Do you feel like you’ve addressed what you wanted to from this conversation? 
  • The last guest question    

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