The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

E188: Richard Osman: The Untold Story Of A TV Legend's Addiction

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Episode notes

Richard Osman is a television host, former creative director of a world-leading production company, and the author behind the biggest literary sensation since Harry Potter., the Thursday Murder Club series.

In this one-of-a-kind conversation, Richard reveals for the first time what has motored him from a working class, single parent household to the top of the television and literary worlds. 

There’s more to Richard than meets the eye. He’s had to battle through self-doubt, addiction, imposter syndrome to have one of the most remarkable, multi-faceted and varied careers we’ve ever featured. We’ll let Richard take it from here. 


  • Early years 
  • Knowing the impact not to see your dad would you act differently now? 
  • Being shaped more by your mum 
  • Watching the TV when you were younger 
  • Your disability Being too tall 
  • The 'Storm' in your 20s - your addiction 
  • Unlocking ideas from your therapist 
  • Why were you successful? 
  • What is creativity to you? 
  • How intentional is success 
  • Groups making creatives ideas vs individuals 
  • You wrote this book without showing anyone 
  • Tell me about your doubts 
  • What clouds did you connect to create this book 
  • How has it affected your happiness? 
  • What is happiness to you? 
  • Family Monogamy 
  • What is this book doing for people? 
  • The last guest question 


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