The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

E118: Rochelle Humes: Learning To Be At Peace With Uncertainty

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Episode notes

Rochelle Humes is a television presenter, entrepreneur behind innovative hair and skincare brand My Little Coco, and a former singer. Rochelle has been performing professionally and presenting television since she was in school, and in this episode she opens up on a lifetime chasing the highest goals like never before. 

It hasn’t always been easy for Rochelle. Growing up in a single parent household, nothing was handed to her on a plate. When she tried to launch a hair and skincare business which had some products marketed at people of colour, stores didn’t want to stock it.

But in all these parts of her life Rochelle has found success by staying true to herself. Hers is a story of real perseverance. The new collection from My Little Coco is available now in Boots. 

  • Your early years
  • Your Dad & your family
  • The Saturdays
  • Starting your business - My Little Coco 
  • Black maternity scandal
  • Relationships
  • Fiver year plan and deciding to manage yourself
  • Making tough decisions
  • The last guests question


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