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Ep. 111 - Reflections on Motherhood and Redefining Success with Ella Mills

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Episode notes

We’re back after our summer break with a brand-new season of the podcast, and some incredible guests coming up for you. This week, I’m super excited to be speaking with Ella Mills. Ella is the founder and creator of Deliciously Ella. From her early beginnings as a blogger, Ella has grown the brand into a hugely successful company, spanning a number of bestselling cookbooks, an app, a deli in central London and a range of plant-based food products. I’ve been following Ella online for a long time and we had such a brilliant conversation about motherhood and redefining success.  Ella is mum to her daughter Skye, who just turned one. When we recorded this conversation, she was 33 weeks pregnant and getting ready to give birth to her second child. We talked about Ella’s experience of early motherhood from her first pregnancy and what she plans to do differently this time. She shares her journey with guilt and pressure and how she is finding balance as a mother and founder of a a very busy, successful company. We also talk about Ella’s own childhood and how it’s shaped how she is now raising her own daughters. I really loved my conversation with Ella, and I hope you enjoy it too. For the full show notes, head over to