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My Chemical Romance? - with Brian D. Earp

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In the first part of a special mini season, Rosie is joined by Brian D. Earp, author of Love is the Drug, to discuss the ways in which drugs we currently take (such as SSRI antidepressants, contraceptive pills and recreational drugs like alcohol) are influencing our romantic choices.

How could SSRIs and MDMA be used either to help us stay in a long-term relationship or to reduce the traumatic effects of leaving one? How should these biochemical interventions work alongside actions like starting couples counselling or deleting your ex from Facebook? When will they be appropriate? What are the authentic emotions we should listen to? Could something like the memory erasure machine in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ever be a reality? Could we redirect our attraction from an unsuitable, unavailable person to someone else? Could a love potion, as depicted by Shakespeare, ever exist? Could this biotechnology be used to redirect a person’s sexual orientation? This podcast includes content funded by the British Podcast Awards and the Wellcome Trust.

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