The Confidence Academy Podcast

By Lilli Badcock
This podcast is brought to you by Transformational Confidence Coach and Professional Singer Lilli Badcock.

The show started out as a resource for anxiety sufferers and continues to help it's listeners in this way. Since it’s release in 2017 Lilli has dropped even deeper into her own spiritual mission.

In 2018 Lilli channeled a message which told her that she is here for those people just waking up. She came to realise that her own experience with anxiety had been a sign that she was out of alignment with her soul purpose.

Today, Lilli uses her background as a professional Singer to help her clients free their voices both physically and metaphorically.

This show is now a platform for those awakened souls to share their journeys and the lessons learned for the growth and expansion of the world.

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email Lilli at [email protected].

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