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Ep 72 - A coffee star and Broadway star shake things up during the pandemic! [Deaton & Chelsea Pigot / Tectonic Coffee]

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Episode notes

Deaton Pigot's coffee is so off-the-charts good that Broadway star, Chelsea Morgan Stock, left it all behind for him (and for the bright lights of Hollywood)! :) Well, it wasn't that simple, but they did get hitched and have been inseparable in both life and coffee! A lot of love goes into their roasting company, TECTONIC COFFEE, which is why their coffee is so extraordinary and can be found in some of the best coffee shops around the country.

Now, they're facing the pandemic together, and just like everyone else, are working to overcome the incredible challenges. But they're going above and beyond; bringing coffee and happiness to those who really need it - from giving it away, changing their business around and even hand delivering it when they have to! They tell us how they're doing it all while supporting themselves and others.

Plus Myles and Jason discuss how everything is changing in life since the craziness has started - and how they are adjusting (or not)! And we ask what "simple luxury" YOU are missing? We tell you ours (spoiler: Jason really needs a haircut... really!!).

Grab your cup of coffee and join us!

Tectonic Cofffee roasts incredibly smooth, balanced and flavorful coffees.Now you can order directly from them at wholesale prices (whole beans AND ground - roasted to order!).

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