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Ep 65 - Party time with adult coffee drinks! [ESPRESSHOW]

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Episode notes

Madcap Coffee, one of the top roasters in the country, sent Jason a bag of their "Party" Ethiopian coffee (really... that's the name of the coffee!). The coffee was so good, it inspired us to continue the party theme and see what kind of adult coffee beverages we could make with it. We settled on four: a SPANISH COFFEE (brandy), MEXICAN COFFEE (tequila and kalua), KENTUCKY COFFEE (bourbon) and a COFFEE MARTINI (vodka - shaken, not stirred). How did the party and tasting go? Listen in to find out!

Plus Myles' son has a very unique "sleep walking" episode - let's just say, it wasn't rain. Jason's son finally takes up his dad's hobby (and Jason is beaming with pride) - but will it last?

We've been MIA for a couple weeks but we're back again (work keeps getting in the way). Thanks for hanging with us! Now grab a cup and if you want, follow along with our mixed coffee drinks. But either way, sit back and enjoy!


Notes of blueberry, strawberry and caramelOUR THOUGHTS: fruity fruity fruity - like a delicious fruit punch!

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