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Ep 69 - Just the notes! Eating/testing coffee flavor profiles! [ESPRESSHOW]

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Episode notes

The notes at the bottom of a coffee bag is your guide to finding the perfect tasting coffee. But those notes also can be elusive when you're actually drinking the coffee!

So we decided to test the flavors of some of the top roasters' coffees by combining the notes into an edible concoction and then blind tasting them to see if they truly work together. Sounds "delicious" right? :) 

Do the flavors taste as good (or bad) as they sound? Why would a coffee roaster choose to accentuate these flavors? And will this experiment poison us?! (Myles may have a thing or two to say about that!)

Plus, we discuss Jason's difficult conversations with his boy and how they're even "better" while riding a bike. And Myles has a "like father, like son" food experience at a sushi dinner that doesn't have a happy ending!

We're drinking (and eating) some great coffee. Join us for a cup and a spoon-full!COFFEE WE'RE DRINKING ON THIS SHOW:

Anodyne Coffee RoastingColombia La PraderaSingle Origin - notes of blackberry, citrus and dark chocolate

OUR THOUGHTS: Can't get enough of it. Perfect balance of flavors and super smooth. SO GOOD!! (and the notes taste pretty good too!)