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Ep 71 - Facing the pandemic with coffee and a smile! [Joanna Heart Milliken - The Palm Coffee Bar]

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Episode notes

Coffee makes you feel good and we want you to experience more goodness! So our new mission during this trying time is to find the people and stories in coffee that are making this pandemic as good as possible (all while making sure you have the best coffee!). These are stories that lift your spirit, make you laugh, and help us all get through tough times.

We're chatting with Joanna Heart Milliken, owner of THE PALM COFFEE BAR in Burbank, CA. She and her staff are finding ways to keep serving their extraordinary coffee and the other multitude of good-for-you offerings while doing everything they can to help the community and others through this tough situation. She also shares how she's coping and making it all work, all with a grateful smile on her face!

Plus Myles and Jason talk about how their lives have changed, and how they're dealing with the kids, homeschooling and the "dangers" of bringing groceries into the house :)!!

We're working to bring a moment of happiness and inspiration to you during these trying times. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a much needed break!

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