Dad and Me Love History / 43. The American Revolution: Does the Hamilton musical get its history right? (Pt I)

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Episode notes

Part I of two episodes about America’s fight for independence from Britain. We investigate how the hit musical Hamilton is teaching us history – but is it accurate?

And we have James’s best American history jokes.

Next month, Part II will be a bumper episode - we have secured the rights to use full  songs from Hamilton :) So, we will take a close look at what we can learn from them about history.

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How are some questions to see how well you understand today’s episode:

  1. What does “democracy” mean?
  2. Who could not vote in the USA when it was first founded?
  3. What does “capitalism” mean?
  4. Who was king of Britain at this time?
  5. Why did the Americans want to be free from British rule?
  6. Who was allowed to vote and who wasn’t in the new USA?

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