Dad and Me Love History / 39. The French Revolution: When, why and so what?

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Episode notes

We investigate a queen who wore a large ship in her hair, meet a king who made tables and we learn history from musicals!

Wanna be Marie Antoinette? Get your chocolate chef to make you a hot chocolate, shove a two-foot-long ship in your hair and tell everyone who can’t afford bread to eat cake!

(And, without even trying, you’ll learn all about ‘cause’ and ‘consequence’.) 

You’ll also hear a trailer for Mark Selleck’s podcast series, Casting Through Ancient Greece, which is aimed at the biggest kids – adults! 

Here are 6 questions to see how well you were listening:

  1. When did the French Revolution begin?
  2. What was the first building the revolutionaries attacked?
  3. Why did people hate Marie Antoinette?
  4. What caused the French Revolution? Why did it happen?
  5. What were some consequences of the French Revolution?
  6. During those revolutionary years of 1789-1799, France also went to war against Austria: true or false?

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