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Comics On Trial: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull – Does It Fit In With The Original 3?

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Episode notes

After 2 years, Comics On Trial is back with a bang (or a whip?) – each episode sees members of the Comics In Motion family take up on opposite sides of a geek battle!

With Dial Of Destiny coming out, we decided to tackle the fourth instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise; Kingdom of The Crystal Skull!

Representing the Defence we have Tony Farina (Indie Comics Spotlight) and in the Prosecution we have Scott Weatherly (Stories Out Of Time And Space)! And representing the side of justice (aka the judge) we have Mike Burton (Star Wars: Comics In Canon).

After listening to this episode, make sure you get involved at @ComicsInMotionP on Twitter by answering the poll, confirming how you believe this court case should’ve gone!

Make sure you tune into older episodes of Comics On Trial (from 2021 and before), where this trio have been in the courtroom before! Tony was in the Godzilla, Star Wars IX & Hulk cases, Scott was in Star Wars I, Ghostbusters & Blade Trinity, while Mike was in both Star Wars cases!

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