The 'Getting To Grips With' Podcast / Ep 16 - Nathan Arnold | Feel seen & heard , lean with the heart and go after it.

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Episode notes

For episode 16  of the ‘Getting To Grips With’ Podcast I am joined by Nathan Arnold.

Nath is a former professional footballer having previously played for the likes of Grimsby Town, Cambridge United and Lincoln City.

He was part of the team that not only won the National League, but also became the first non-league team for over 100 years to reach the quarterfinals of the FA Cup in the 2016/2017 season.

But rest assured there is far more depth to this journey than just football. He is also founder of ’Nathan Arnold Coaching’ which mission is to make people feel seen and heard and pursue a life lived forwards but understood backwards.

We cover so much is this extended episode from transitioning out of professional football, visualisation, grief, loss, leaning with the heart  and living your true purpose.

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