Love Island: The Morning After / S4 E2 - Baby Honey Princess (with Lauren Mahon and Olivia Attwood)

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Episode notes

It’s coming home (and by it’s we mean drama, and by home we mean into the villa)

Now, it wouldn’t be Love Island without a cliffhanger - but that one last night was FILTHY.

Chloe spent the day pulling the boys for chats because at this point everything is to play for… but it’s still scrambling a few heads. We’ll find out tonight who she’s going to choose to couple up with and by the looks of things, there are going to be a few consequences. Eek.

Our bestie Lauren Mahon joins Kem and Arielle on the podcast this morning to chat about Chloe’s date with 5 guys, those saucy confessions and all those snogs.

And that’s not all - our resident agony aunt Olivia Attwood is here for our first ever trip to Liv Island. If you need Liv to answer any of your dilemmas - email us on [email protected] and she will sort you right out.

Remember, you can now watch us on ITV Hub every day - but brace yourself, even though it’s early in the morning - we’re super fit.

Err… can anyone give us directions to Hammond Road?