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Show Me The Way To Get A Non-Exec with Sarah Pierman, CEO of Dynamic Boards

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Episode notes

As Martha Lane Fox so succinctly put it recently: "Your country needs you – to be a non-exec director".

It may seem like a pipe dream, or you may never have even considered it but when you've rolled your eyes at another corporate blunder, ask yourself, how would I have handled that differently. Then ask yourself, can I be part of the change? 

And the answer is yes. 

And the how is where Sarah Pierman from Dynamic Boards comes in. 

She set up what is effectively a jobs board mining all the non-exec positions out because she didn't see enough people like her on the boards that she was on. So she decided to do something to change that. 

Tune in to hear how you can become a non exec, broaden your network, your experience and get paid to do it. 

My favourite tip: 

“Nose in. Hands out.”

Listen to find out what that means!