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Show Me The Way To Manage The Menopause with The CityFashGal Paula Fry

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Episode notes

This episode is for everyone. Please listen. If you're a woman, you need to know about this. If you're need to know about this.

Menopause. A word that often strikes fear, embarrassment, denial!

Its onset comes with a myriad of symptoms that affect many women differently. It may be a natural part of ageing that effects half of the population but its effects can have a severely detrimental effect on that 50%s working life.

Given it usually occurs between 45 and 55 years - its peak careerr/ earning potential...Research shows that 10% of women leave their jobs, and many more reduce their hours or pass up promotions because of their menopausal symptoms.

Not only does that hit the pay packet, it can hit your long term living too. Recent research has found that menopause could leave a £63,000 dent in a woman’s retirement savings as a result of moving to reduced hours.

To talk about all this, and how she's navigated this time herself I'm joined by Paula Fry, Global Head of Fixed Income and FX Trading Liquidity at Bloomberg - the global financial data and media company who also has an impressive instagram following as @cityfashgal and appeared on Davina's Menopause documentary series: Sex, Mind and the Menopause.

Paula feared she was developing dementia when she began going through perimenopause in her early 40s.

She describes how the brain fog was so debilitating thing and how she questioned whether she was clever enough any more to do the job.

Please share this episode. It's by speaking up, and listening, that we normalise conversation about something that is so normal and recognise that as all of us will be working well into our 60s, we need to keep going during the menopause and support each other, and be supported to get through it. Otherwise we get lost. And we miss out on not only career opportunities but also a chunk of cash for later in life.

For Emmeline's bookshelf Paula recommends: Sally Hughes: Everything Is Washable