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Show Me The Way To Shop Pre-Loved with Success

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Episode notes

Love it or loathe it. As soon as the first letter of the month turns to J, the reality show Love Island is EVERYWHERE from slogan tees to water bottles to wash bags.


Now in the past the show’s been sponsored by fashion brands like BooHoo and the stars often go on to do collections for sites like Pretty Little Things but the programme makers have faced a backlash for promoting fast fashion – there has been criticism of poor standards for for workers and the environmental impact is huge. So ITV studios have made a major shift. eBay is the new sponsor. And all the items will be pre-loved. i.e. second hand…so basically you can’t shop the look exactly but you can shop a look of the look. Their aim – to help shoppers “find the pre-love of your life.” And my guest on Show Me The Way this week is someone who believes that "everything a person needs to wear or use is already in existence."

Stay tuned for tips on how to buy the best pre-loved and how it really can make a difference to the planet and your pocket.

My guest today is Emily, founder of Emily London – vintage and preloved style. She’s a former fashion and beauty journalist for Tatler and Vogue and e-commerce exect for Net-a-Porter’s TheOutNet and Refinery29…so basically she knows a LOT about fashion.