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Gin without juniper is flavoured vodka: Sipsmith Gin's Fairfax Hall

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What is the difference between gin and flavoured vodka? That should be an easy question to answer. But some of the drinks industry's older heads have voiced concern that gin without juniper berries, or lacking in juniper character, is on the rise. Among them is Hayman's Gin, which recently launched the Call Time On Fake Gin campaign. Says the distiller: "Recently we have started to see some producers marketing gins that have little or no evident connection to juniper. While botanical innovation and experimentation has long been linked to gin's success, we believe that a small number of producers are today creating spirits that have strayed too far from what makes gin 'gin'." Sipsmith Gin co-founder Fairfax Hall is another distiller who has taken up the fight against gin without juniper. Drinks Adventures caught up with Fairfax for a chat about all things gin in Sydney earlier this year. All other Drinks Adventures episodes, show notes, transcripts and many helpful links are available on the podcast website, DrinksAdventures.com.au, and you can email me at [email protected] Follow James Atkinson on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here. Theme music 'Sandbox' by Rudists. You can listen to more from Cameo Culture at https://soundcloud.com/cameoculture.