The Apex Podcast / The Life and Times of a 17yr Old Computational Immunoengineer w/ Aishani Aatresh

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A lover of learning and collaborating, particularly in any scientific or interdisciplinary context beyond the classroom. A strong leader and communicator in a variety of domains. Experienced and interested in the biotech/synthetic biology fields. Moonlighting as an aspiring Renaissance woman. 

These are the words of our next guest, Aishani Aatraesh. Aishani is an employee at Distributed Bio and is developing a computational analysis pipeline for Tumbler, a technology that makes and analyzes hundreds of millions of variants of a starting antibody.

Listen as Jan, RJ, and Aishani discuss the blessing of growing up with instability, the power of perspective, and how in the world we should frame a global pandemic in our minds in order to continue innovating.

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