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Grief Just Is: with Alex Brooker

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And our first episode is with presenter and comedian Alex Brooker; best known for his work on Channel 4’s The Last Leg. 

In May 2019, his Dad Gordon passed away suddenly while Alex was at a corporate event hundreds of miles away. 

In this episode, Alex shares the huge impact the death of his dad has had on his life so far.

We cover so much in this episode and there’s laughs (obviously) and tears (of course) but more than anything, there’s a real sense of compassion and genuine kindness in the way Alex discusses his own grief experience - both towards himself and how others cope.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

  • What life was like growing up and how his career began
  • The story behind losing his dad 
  • Feelings of guilt in grief 
  • The feelings of needing to support his brothers through their grief and lives 
  • Going back to work 
  • Talking to his kids 

We hope you enjoy our first episode back for Series 3! 

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Special thanks to This Is Distorted for their time and effort in producing the podcast!

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