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CHRISTMAS EPISODE: Rockin' around the DPC

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Episode notes

'Tis the most griefy time of the year...

You've made it this far through the festive season - well done!! But Christmas Day can feel like this HUGE hurdle that we need to cross.

As with anything in the DPC, sometimes the weeks leading up to the actual day can be so much worse. But if you're feeling apprehensive about the big day, or you're just looking for some confirmation that you're not alone in whatever you're feeling, this ep should tick those boxes.

In this episode, Emma and Kat share their own experiences of the first Christmas after their mum's died and what it's like now. We also shared some messages from you guys that you sent in that you'd like to have said to your parent/s and some advice to other young grievers dreading Christmas day.

We hope this comes at the right time and gives you some comfort over what can be a really difficult time of year.

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