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Get Men Talking: with Robbie Savage

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To mark the upcoming Father’s Day in the UK, we’ll be focusing each and every episode in June on men’s grief. From grief stories and mental health to fatherhood, we have a number of exciting episodes lined up with some fantastic advocates for men’s grief. This week we’re joined by former footballer, pundit and presenter Robbie Savage, who’s dad Colin died from Pick’s disease - a form of dementia - in 2012.  In this episode, Robbie shared an insight into life growing up in his family and his dad’s personal journey after being diagnosed with Pick’s disease at such an early age.  We talked about how Robbie coped with the diagnosis and watching his dad deteriorate over time and his own experience with grief guilt. He talks about his work with Sport United Against Dementia, his favourite memory he has of his dad and gives advice for anyone else in a similar situation.  As always - we hope you enjoy this week’s episode! But if you do have any further questions on the topic just drop us an email or message us using the details below. You can also watch this episode on YouTube. To find out more, visit our website at or follow us on social media by clicking the links below: Instagram Facebook Twitter Special thanks to This Is Distorted for their time and effort in producing the podcast!

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