Girls On Film / Ep 83: First Cow & the work of Kelly Reichardt with Mia Bays, Orla Smith & Chrystel Oloukoï

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Reeling from a screening of First Cow at Picturehouse Central, Mia and Anna join Orla Smith on Zoom for a chat about all things Kelly Reichardt. Her latest film follows the story of a Jewish chef and a Chinese businessman who set out to make their fortune in 1820s Oregon. The critics discuss the film’s tender representation of masculinity, its exploration of American mythologies, and its unique attention to menial tasks. Orla, the executive editor of Seventh Row, gives a background to Kelly’s work, and Mia, the director of Birds Eye View, advises on where to start with her challenging movies. Anna is then joined by academic Chrystel Oloukoï, who further delves into the slowness and whiteness of Kelly’s work. Discussing the video essay she made on Kelly Reichardt’s films, she holds a lens to their indigenous characters and interesting portrayal of settler colonialism. Kelly Reichardt films mentioned: First Cow (2019), Night Moves (2013), Certain Woman (2016), Meek’s Cutoff (2010), Wendy and Lucy (2008), Old Joy (2006), River of Grass (1994). Other movie mentions: Gunda, Jumbo, Lady Boss, Tove, John Ware Reclaimed. Chrystel Oloukoï's visual essay, "The Cinema of Kelly Reichardt" = Orla Smith's book, "Roads to Nowhere: Kelly Reichardt's broken American dreams" = This episode is in partnership with Birds Eye View. Become a patron of Girls on Film on Patreon here: Follow us on socials:
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