Hustle & Motivate \ Overcoming My Fear of Stuttering with LeRon L. Barton

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Episode notes

LeRon L. Barton has been a life long stutterer who was teased, afraid to speak, and often stayed silent in social situations.

Refusing to let his speech impediment stop him from living his life, LeRon turned it into energy that's allowed him to appear on over 50 podcasts, become a guest on Al Jazeera, and speak at TEDxWilsonPark.

He is living proof that you can overcome obstacles and meet your goals.


[2:20] Early years, communication, and confidence

[6:55] Kobe Bryant and why you need to fail

[10:30] Dating and why people don't care as much as you think they do

[15:25] Advice for facing your fears

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