Talk Art / Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood

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RADIOHEAD Talk Art EXCLUSIVE EPISODE! Russell and Robert meet Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood at the Standard Hotel in London to discuss 30 years of friendship and their ongoing, longterm artistic collaboration. Initially meeting at Exeter University, Donwood has created the cover art for Radiohead’s ground-breaking albums since The Bends in 1996. Six of his paintings from the album sleeves were recently on display at Christie’s headquarters in London, alongside drawings, lyrics and digital art curated by the artists. We explore Radiohead's forthcoming release KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION: an upside-down digital/analogue universe created from original artwork by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood and sound design by Nigel Godrich to commemorate 21 years of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac albums.  KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION will be available beginning November 18th as a FREE download for PlayStation 5 (HERE), PC and Mac at EPIC GAMES STORE. A trailer is now live at: Follow @Radiohead, @ThomYorke, @StanleyDonwood on Instagram. Special thanks to @TheStandardLondon. For images of all artworks discussed in this episode visit @TalkArt. Talk Art theme music by Jack Northover @JackNorthoverMusic courtesy of We've just joined Twitter too @TalkArt. If you've enjoyed this episode PLEASE leave us your feedback and maybe 5 stars if we're worthy in the Apple Podcast store. For all requests, please email [email protected]  

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