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Episode notes

Arvin Khamseh is an ELITE PPC Expert specializing in YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Tiktok Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, Reddit Ads, and Native Ads. 

Arvin Khamseh has always been at the forefront of new tech trends. From biohacking to internet marketing, Arvin knows where to invest his time. So when the NFT wave came along, it was a natural fit for him to jump in early on. Because of his early entrance into the market, Arvin is one of the few established thought leaders within the NFT space. He has consulted with 200+ NFT brands and has partnered with Reddit, Twitter, and Quora.    

His two largest NFT projects, Sands Vegas Casino Club and Meta Legends, both sold out. The Sands project made $7m in 20 hours and the Megaproject made an astonishing $12m in 20 hours and even received celebrity attention.   

Arvin is excited to help lead the conversation around NFTs and is a highly sought-after guest. He is soon to be featured in USA Today, Forbes, and Business Insider. 

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:03] Introduction about Arvin Khamseh.

● [02:54] Insight about NFT’s?

● [05:32] Any Note able Meta Legends?

● [07:34] Advice for people on NFT’s?

● [08:58] What is the factor behind successful NFT’s??

● [12:25] What are some Utility basics that Stand Out?

● [16:24] What is the best way for a new artist to launch a project?

● [21:00] Super Successful Project?

● [27:02] Do Bigger projects or smaller projects can generate more value? ● [31:31] Clients Conversation About Market and NFT’s?

● [35:53] Why are people going away from Ethereum?

● [43:00] Upcoming Gaming NFT’s?

● [44:15] Facebook & Metaverse?

● [50:38] Have you ever considered writing someone in Jail?

● [51:40] What is the most ridiculous fact you know?

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