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Objectives, strategy and tactics in leaders - A chat with Alastair Campbell

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Episode notes

What are the common traits amongst the world's serial winners and leaders? 

That's the topic up for debate in this episode, as host Paul Cheetham-Karcz welcomes to Taking Care of Business a man who knows a thing or two about both winning and leading - Alastair Campbell.

Alastair is a British journalist, author, strategist, broadcaster and activist known for his key roles during Tony Blair’s leadership of the Labour Party. 

The pair discuss what Alastair learnt from the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Arsène Wenger whilst writing his book 'Winners', as well as the strategies and objectives (or lack of) in the current Conservative and Labour parties.

Paul and Alastair also chat about social media's impact on politics, the trend of sportspeople infiltrating the political landscape, dealing with criticism and what the future holds for Alastair Campbell.

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