Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores

Small Soldiers (1998) W/ Attention Seeking Geek Ben Crampton

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Episode notes

ATEN-HUT! Hope you enjoyed your R&R over Christmas Privates, because were back! #AttentionSeekingGeek Ben Crampton is here to sound off like he's got a pair and defend the film #SmallSoldiers! Will he successfully defend his foxhole or will the situation become FUBAR? Join us as we talk childhood memories, Gorgonites VS The Commando Elite and Rodeo Burgers. #PrepareForPrattle

Be sure to check out Ben’s YouTube Channel https://youtube.com/c/ATTENTIONSEEKINGGEEK

To be briefed in full on the Secret Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www.spiderdanandthesecretbores.com/#