Tommy Dickinson with Ban Conversion Therapy

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Episode notes

For our second LGBT+ History Month episode, we look back at the techniques used by psychiatrists nationwide in an attempt to 'cure' LGBT+ people. 

We speak to the author of 'Curing Queers', Dr Tommy Dickinson, about the use of aversion therapy between the 1930s-70s. We learn about the targeted attacks on gay men by undercover policemen, as well as the reason many gay men actually signed up for this treatment themselves, and the bravery of select nurses who attempted to avoid administering the traumatic treatments. 

Reflecting on the progress we’ve made since then, we talk to the co-founder of 'Ban Conversion Therapy', Matthew Hyndman, on the damaging practices still legal in the UK and why the fight for a total ban is integral to the welfare of many LGBT+ individuals. 

**Please note this episode comes with a trigger warning: there are descriptions of aversion therapy practices, suicide and conversion therapy.**

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