World AIDS Day (Part 1) with National AIDS Trust and José Mejía

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Episode notes

This week we're serving up a double-episode to commemorate World AIDS Day, with three interviews plus some on-the-street chats with people, in a Bottoming first.

Our first interview is with Calum from the National AIDS Trust, who tells us about the recent piece of research he authored, HIV and Mental Health and we discuss some of the key findings and recommendations. We also chat with activist José Mejía Asserias, who shares his experiences with mental health services in Columbia and the UK, both before and after his diagnosis of HIV. The interview is filled with important takeaways and is an essential listen for anyone wanting to understand more from somebody with lived-experience of the topic.

Tune in to part 2 to hear from Andre, Positive East's Counselling Coordinator who tells us about their holistic approach to helping those needing their services, plus we speak to runners and supporters at Positive East's Red Run, live in Victoria Park, East London.

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